Scout login problem

We have a scout who has previously been able to login, but has not been able to recently. They said they tried to reset password and still could not login. Can someone check if there is an issue with this account? BSA ID 127509141.

This is a watch them do it situation I think @GarrettGreen - everything looks fine

Ok, thanks. Appreciate looking at it.

Hi @DonovanMcNeil ,

Similar issue here. Scout could previously login. Now cannot. BSA ID 136859579

SB User ID 11185640

Had been signing in with Google credentials. Now to no avail.

Verified username through the link.

Attempted password reset, but he never received the system email. Email address appears correct in IA profile, and through the verify username link.


Thanks in advance,

Scouter Rob


The account is setup properly for Google Login. We have seen some cases where Google prevents a Scout from logging in due to the account being managed. If the Scout is getting an error message from Google, you will need to contact your Council to have the account switched from Google Login to BSA Credentials.

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Thanks, @edavignon !

Well, when you find yourself in a hole, what’s the first thing you do? Stop digging! LOL.

Nope, parent thought she could fix this by creating another account. Now she cannot do anything, including log in to her account. Please merge her two accounts. BSA ID 136859580 (new one), and original BSA ID 13559531. Email is c*****

Also, I spoke with our Registrar, and she is unfamiliar with how to fix this. Can you or someone else give me a walk-through on how to change to credentials log in versus Google login? Then I can help her…


Scouter Rob

@ScouterRob ok the sign ins are dealt with - the mother is using just an email to log in not sign in with google. To change that you go to > My Account > Under Account you can change from BSA Credentials (username) OR Apple/Google

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