Scout cannot access his scoutbook account


My scout in my troop cannot access his scoutbook account and. cannot get emails after asked for user Id or password recovery. His mom login and click the extended information of the scout profile but cannot see the invite link. His bsa Id # 137294678.

Thank you very much!

@KittyTam the scout has Email Opt out turned on and has Sign in with Google turned on

The scout will need to log into Scoutbook using the sign in with Google button and go to my dashboard > administration > my account > email. Then flip the messaging opt-out slide to the left and grey.

Hi, the problem is he cannot login his account. Can his parent login the parent account and do it for him or the unit leader can help?

Thank you

Have you confirmed he is using the signin with Google button? Is he getting an error message?

He said he might have changed the Google password.
Now the popped up message saying:

Your account is linked to the following Google account, use your Google Credentials to Login.

and I noticed that the email address he input in his profile is not the same email address. Not sure it will be an issue.

This is not a Scoutbook issue - it is a Google issue - they only thing that could be done is to get council to send in a National membercare ticket to turn off Google log in

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Oh! I see. Ok, Thank you for telling me. I will contact the local Council

So, this issue is continuing. We went through our Registrar to open a ticket with National, but they did not do the right thing.

This issue is now affecting another family in our unit. It appears to affect families who use Google login for Scoutbook (and my.scouting), and who have some sort of parental controls set over their child’s Google account.

Now, neither the parents, nor the Scout can login to either Scoutbook or my.scouting to “flip the switch” from Google login back to BSA credentials. This issue seemed to appear after a recent Scoutbook/IA update, and does not seem to be related to a Google change. I could be wrong…

When we put in the ticket to National, they did flip one parent account to BSA credentials, but that account is not connected to the Scout.

So, please, first, let us attempt to combine the parent accounts again. The BSA member ID for the account we can log in on is 13559531. This parent account is not connected to the Scout. On the parent account Dashboard, there is a “WARNING: another user is using the same email address. If this is unexpected, contact your local council or post to the Using Scoutbook Forum.”

The email address is ck********

Please merge those parent accounts.

When I look at the Unit Roster and view the Scout (BSA ID 136859579), I can see the other parent account, but cannot Edit Profile to view the BSA ID of the connected account.

Thanks for your support.

Scouter Rob


I have sent you a private message because I need more information as the first names and DOB do not match on the accounts. Click on the brown circle with white S in the upper right of your forum window.


This is fixed.

The Adult Leader checkbox in Scoutbook can be confusing. When a parent is connected to a Scout that is not their child, they always have the Adult Leader checkbox turned on. Scoutbook requires one of the 4 checkboxes to be set in all connections. Adult Leader in this context just means “not a family member and not a MBC”. It does not give the individual any leader authority.

There are scoutbook changes every week. Which one specifically do you think caused this issue?

No idea… sorry.

Was there some profile update done in SB/IA??

This could very well have been done because of parents monkeying with Google controls, as well…

But the second family affected swears they “didn’t touch anything”

The first family issues started about two to three weeks ago. The mother said the Scout could not log in, so she went into Google and dropped the third party app permissions.

That just seemed to make things worse. So, she tried to create a new account to link to her Scout, which, again, made things worse.

Neither could then log into my.scouting to flip to BSA credentials.

Went to SUAC to have her two accounts combined. Did not work, so went to registrar to open a ticket with National. National reset the credentialing on one account, but the second account reappeared, generating the “two accounts with same email” warning.

Ed fixed that this morning.

The parent account is now fixed. Will work on the Scout one next… I think we will have to open a second ticket on that one to get the credentials flipped to BSA versus Google.

I have not begun to delve into the second family issues, as this course may shed some light…


I know a lot of folks have reported similar issues this summer (more or less) with using Google credentials for youth sign-on. As @DonovanMcNeil and others mentioned, it looks like it was some internal change on the Google side that isn’t playing nicely with the BSA sites. It’s probably the path of least resistance to have the council submit a national ticket for these scouts and move to BSA credentials. I don’t recall hearing about anyone in my area who has been able to untie this knot without assistance.

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