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Login timing out

Anyone else have an issue with the login timing out even when one is actively using the system. Ex. I login to my.scouting. Then I have to go to IA 2.0 for something. Then maybe have to go to Scoutbook for something or even to the Forums page (fresh logins for each of these, by the way). May be searching or reading forums then get notice that I’ve been automatically logged out. Of note is that each of these individual logins happens on its own browser page by default and seem to be NOT linked because of the need to login on each page BUT are linked when it thinks there is no activity on one page even though there is activity on another page.

What type of device are you using? If it is an iOS device and you have saved links to the pages on your home screen, every time you switch away, you will have to log in again. We have been told this is due to the way Apple implemented session cookies when the site is saved as a web app.

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edavignon, not an apple device. Windows laptop. Google browser.
If I login to my.scouting and then need to login to IA2.0 using the link in the my.scouting menu, my.scouting opens up a new window for this IA2.0 login (uses the same login/password). Now if, for some reason, I need to login to SB or Forums through an associated link, it again opens up a new window for this login process (and uses the same login/password). One would assume that these three windows are linked in some way in the background so activity in one would be considered “activity” on the BSA system. However, this is not the case. In the above sequence, if my activity in my first login (to my.scouting) is considered idle, then I am timed out of my.scouting. Here’s the rub - even though I am actively using, say my third login (say Forums), once one shows inactivity and times me out, I am timed out of ALL other logins.