Not Finding My Lone Scout

Afternoon All! I have filled out a recent application to have my daughter registered as a Lone Scout BSA 136665814. I am already a registered Assistant Scoutmaster in the system for the troop and my BSA number is 133451141. I had to fill out an adult application again for myself to be approved as her counselor/friend. At this time, I can’t locate her in the system. She doesn’t show under my connections and when I search the BSA number for her no results are found. I contacted the council who told me she has been added under I and my BSA number I listed above last week, so she should be there? Any ideas or guidance would be appreciated.

@FloydSanders_II lone scouts are not supported in Scoutbook - they are managed through the council

@FloydSanders_II you are connected to Scout in Membership trying to figure out what happened in scoutbook for you - but lone scouts do not work as all advancement is defined by unit type the scout is in in SB - as a lone scout is in no unit the advancement does not work

Donovan… I appreciate you looking into it for me. Hoping to find out what occurred, so she shows up. If you want to call and talk it out as well my number is 580-331-7448.

Okay… I have been able to now add her to me under my family. What is your suggestion regarding advancement since it wouldn’t work? Couldn’t I add her to my unit for advancement purposes only?

@FloydSanders_II Councils alone handle advancements for Lone Scouts - talk to your council

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Boy troop? No. The system won’t allow it.

Thank you! I’ll give them a call.

Thank you for the assistance!

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