Transfer from Unit to Lone Scout link BSA numbers

We moved from Wyoming to Texas. My daughter was part of a unit in WY. When we moved to TX we transferred to the troop in our county for my son but my daughter is the only female in BSA in our county so she has to be a Lone Scout. She is not Lone by choice. On my son’s Scoutbook page it has his WY BSA number and is ETAC BSA number linked. I would like to link my daughter’s WY BSA number and and her ETAC BSA number on Scoutbook, too. I’ve contacted ETAC and they say it cannot be done because she cannot be assigned a Troup. Please help me link these two BSA numbers for my daughter so I can use Scoutbook for her! Thanks in advance

@BrittanyLewis - scoutbook does not support lone scouts. All lone scout advancement is managed by the resident council

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Thank you very much. That’s what I was told but I was hoping that the help desk knew of a special way to work around that. Worth a try.

@BrittanyLewis We can merge your daughter’s Scoutbook accounts.

However, like Stephen said, Lone Scouts are not supported in Scoutbook.

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