Long term Scout cannot be sync'd with council

I have a scout who really had no major changes in his record since we re-chartered in 2021. He earned Personal Management in December of 2020 and turned 18 on June 12, 2021. He had his Eagle Board of Review on June 16, 2021 but since he turned 18 I get this error. “Diego has not been matched with a Scout in your Units official roster. Please check with your council.”

I have never had an 18 year old scout get removed from the official roster sync. Our Council doesn’t know what to do they say this is because he is 18. I had another scout turn 18 on June 16, 2021 and earn his Eagle on June 17, 2021 with no problems. The problem scout’s Eagle cannot or is not signed by the BSA Administrator because it isn’t sync’d. I cannot even complete his 2 Eagle Palms requirement that earn 5 more merit badges not to mention sign off on the Palms. Any help would be appreciated.

Your council should be able to easily solve this - what is BSA number?

Unfortunately they can’t or don’t understand how. Diego is 130712894

Well the Eagle is entered by Council - your council set him to an adult which is the issue - I made him a youth again and set a sync to get the Eagle in for you - look at 4pm CST today for it. Then you can award Palms. We can set back to Adult after that

Donovan please look Thomas Ulsh 123078348 he must not have been changed to an adult. Is this what is supposed to happen switched to an adult when the scout turns 18 but elects not to register as a college reserve?

no that one is still a youth

I was able to add the palms and the BSA Administrator sync’d Diego.

So what should happen when a scout turns 18 is council supposed to switch them to an adult? It would seem a lot of work. Scouts turn 18 all the time? Move on or never continue as a leader or a college reserve?

A Scout will remain a youth in Scoutbook until they complete an adult application.

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Ok so our council’s mistake, thanks.

So Diego should not be set to an adult he is no longer active with our troop and going off to college in the fall never submitted paperwork, thanks.

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