Looking for parent YPT status report

could we have an easy display of YPT status report on each parent who has managed to connect to Scoutbook?

We (our Troop) ask parents to complete YPT in order to attend a campout, it would be great to have that displayed easily or an easy report run.

Parents don’t show up in MYST, so i can’t view it there

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There is a report for this available in the Scoutbook Feature assistant extension

I have the feature assistant running. The “YPT Status Report” just kicks over to MYST, and I can’t see parents there, only leaders. I was going to see if the “Show Adult YPT Status” captured the parents as well as leaders, but that report never loaded.

I just get a spinning Loading circle.

The latter report loaded for me, but it took a while. How large is your unit? That might be a factor.

I’ve only got 15 scouts.

When it loaded, did it show Parents’ YPT status too? or just leaders?

I got everybody. It appears to be talking to the relevant database, because I saw one parent I know is working towards a leader position whose YPT is very recently completed.

ETA: In case it helps with diagnosis, I’m a Key 3 Delegate, as well as a Unit Admin, so maybe it’s a permissions issue?

ETA2: We have more than 15 scouts, so it seems like the roster size isn’t the likely hiccup. Maybe a hard refresh (Ctrl-R) to force the page to reload instead of loading from cache? Doesn’t seem like that should be an issue…

this is weird. I did a hard refresh and “Show Adult YPT Status” is no longer listed under reports!

I am Scoutmaster, so Key 3 with Admin status

Hrm…that is really bizarre. Is the Feature Assistant still running? That’s the source of that particular report.

it is, I double checked. at the bottom of the page it says it is active. so weird. I’ll restart my computer and look into this tomorrow. Thanks for your time!

@GaryFeutz Is the “Show Adult YPT Status” Report still accessible?

I just ran it this morning after I saw @AngelaKoch’s post. I’m running Feature Assistant Extension version V0.47.0.17 in current version of Firefox. It was slow, but working when I tested again just now.

For some reason, the option is there again, but back to eternal spinning. I need to go get some stuff done for a while, but I’ll try restarting my computer and reloading scoutbook tomorrow and hopefully it will all be shiny and good.

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I found an issue with the extension, and in Scoutbook itself… However, even when restored, I am unable to get current YPT data - the data is stale. The extension issue was caused when common code was removed for QE functions that are no longer possible. The extension will be fixed soon, and will notify the developers to fix Scoutbook.


@GaryFeutz you are a Scoutbook Hero! Thanks for all your work making this software more user friendly!

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I recommend using My.Scouting instead of Scoutbook to access YPT Aging Reports. The unit key-3 can access Training Manager to get this report.

Unless it has been changed since yesterday, this only works for adults who are already registered with the unit (or as a one-by-one search via the chat bot). The OP was looking for a way to track YPT in the non-registered-adult group.

Only for unit registered adults. Parents and those volunteers not registered with the unit will not show.

I just released a fix on the extension side of the issue.

Agree. Anyone can create a my.scouting login and take YPT, but the course does not ask those individuals which unit they are connected with. Therefore, unless the parent registers with the unit, there’s no way to generate the report desired.

Not today, but the data exists. Parents are associated with Scouts who are associated with units.