'Show Adult YPT Status' Report - All Dates Missing (Feature Extension Assistant)

Are others able to get the ‘Adult YPT Status Report’ from the ‘Feature Extension Assistant for Scoutbook’ to work in Chrome? (I am unable to get the Firefox Add-in to load on my desktop.)

The last time I could pull an Pack Report->Adult YPT Status Report for our Pack was 9/15/21. We are a large Pack (88 adults) so the report takes some time to generate. Now the report has blank for dates and in the notes, the leaders show ‘never taken’.

It redirects to My.scouting. Do you have a popup blocker on?

You can just log into my.scouting to find this information directly.

I updated my post to state ‘Feature Extension Assistant for Scoutbook’ for clarification. The ‘Pack Report->YPT Status Report’ takes you to my.scouting.org but that report only shows YPT for registered Pack leadership.

The Pack Report->‘Adult YPT Status Report’ which is loaded from the ‘Feature Extension Assistant for Scoutbook’ use to give YPT dates for all adults (leaders and parents) associated with the Pack. After, 9/15/21, my report is showing blanks for every adult. (jpegs attached for reference)

Is there an problem with the Feature Extension Assistant?


A recent update to Scoutbook broke something that the Feature Assistant Relies on to generate this report. Gary has requested it be fixed, but we do not have an ETA for that.

Thank you! I found the report to be extremely helpful when gathering paperwork for the Pack and campouts.

I will update my topic header to be more clear for others searching on the same topic.

In the mean time, if you are a key 3, or designed key 3, you can get a YPT report for your unit from my.scouting. I know, not as nice as having it in Scoutbook, but a good backup.

@Matt.Johnson True, and much faster, except it doesn’t include parents…


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