Loss of all account details and associations

When I log in to scoutbook my acct information is effectively gone. I still have access to my pack on IA, my.scouting.org etc, but scoutbook doesn’t have me tied to anything. I’m not connected to my kids, nor am I attached to any group. Also all of my details have disappeared like address phone number etc it does have my bsa number.

Our CM is in scoutbook without problems so I’m not sure where the problem lies.

My user ID is 11769430. I login in using SSO, google if that matters.


For some unknown reason, your BSA Member ID (MID) was removed from your Scoutbook account and a new account was created. I have put your MID back on your Scoutbook account and will ask the developers to investigate.

Your Scoutbook account should be correct now. Please let me know.


It looks like you have 2 my.scouting.org IDs. Make sure you are using your Google ID to log in to both Scoutbook and my.scouting.org.


Stand by, we are seeing some more strange things with your account.

Standing by. :slight_smile: I had just checked and saw it was still not quite right.


I sent you a private message. Click on the tan circle with white B in the upper right corner of your forum window.

I seem to have a similar issue. I was logged into Scoutbook had been working without issues and now I have a prompt stating “in order to continue using Scoutbook you must setup a my.Scouting account. Please review the options below.” Once I select my name, the only option is to enter a password. Is this going to create another account? Could you assist? I am not able to move forward and I don’t want to loose what I have in my account. I can send you the BSA Member ID, just don’t know how to private message here.

posting a BSA # in public is fine or We can send you a private message

Here is my # 12238370

you should be using monjor13 and your my.scouting.org password to sign in

That’s what I used, we setup SSO a while back. Not sure why it is giving that error. I did add another parent for a Scout and after that I am getting this. Shall I log out and try logging in again or go to my.scouting.org and try to log in there?

yes that can often reset things

Thank you. Just to clarify. Yes Logout from scoutbook and then log in to my.scouting.org in that order? Not sure if any difference and hoping not to loose data. I also have my son in the troop working on Eagle so hoping this does not impact his account either.

yeah try logging out of SB > log into MYST > then log into SB again

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Thank you! It worked. Since I was adding a parent to the scout… Is it correct to go the scout and add parent? I am not sure what triggered the issue.

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