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Lost login rights to IA2.0

I am the COR for my units. I have been using IA2.0, since the day it was released. This morning, I get a popup that says, “No Internet Advancement Access”, blah blah… This is the second time this has occurred, please investigate.

you need to send an email to

Seems like the system is down - we are reporting to that team

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BSA IT is aware of the issue and is actively working it

The System is back up for me now

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Yes, I can login, once again. I did note the Scoutbook will be down for maintenance in about 45 minutes today. 10:30AM CDT

@GanttEdmiston you know if you are using Scoutbook you do not need to use IA2.0 - correct?

Absolutely know that. We (my units) have never used Scoutbook. But since I am a Council Scoutbook Admin (mainly for the purposes of uploading the Council MB counselor data), I use it for that.

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This issue as been resolved.

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