Internet Advancement 2.0 error

I can not access one of the Scouts in our troop’s roster in IA 2.0:
When I click on his name I get the error page:

I’ve tried to “contact support” multiple times through IA 2.0 with no response. Who can I contact to resolve this?
Thanks - Betsy


Did you send an e-mail to with the description of your issue? That is the best way to contact support for Internet Advancement.

I updated the post - thanks!

Betsy - so a broken link error and only for just one scout on the roster. Do you use scoutbook at all ? Are you a unit admin or some other position in the unit ?

Stephen - I am the advancement chair for Troop 15 Piedmont (California) Council. We do not use Scoutbook, and have no plans to switch from TroopWebHost. I have successfully uploaded advancement files from TWH to IA 2.0 with no problems except for this one Scout.
Thanks - Betsy

Thanks - is this a new scout or one that has been on the roster for a while ? Sorry for the questions but just trying to narrow down the issue.

This Scout joined our troop in 2016, BUT moved to Germany for 1 year starting on 8/2018, then rejoined our troop on 5/28/2019. I believe he was a member of a BS Troop in Germany for 2018? But he is now an active member of our troop.

Thanks Betsy - it may be since this is a new scout that you may not have the correct access to his record. So, are you a unit admin ? What is your role in the troop ?

I am the advancement chair for our troop and have the correct access to all members of our troop except for this one Scout. He is not a new Scout, but did rejoin our troop on 5/28/2019.

That was what I was getting to is that once this scout was re-added to the roster that you might not have the access to his record that you would need. It may be that you might need to email to make sure that you are connected to this scout in the same way as the others.

Thanks - will try that!