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Troopmaster, IA, and Scoutbook

Good evening,

Let me start with some history, I and the tech guru for my Pack. I did all the research and guided them to utilize Scoutbook. I’ve watched all the online tutorials, monitored the legacy forums, answered a few questions when I could.

I am also a ASM for our Troop. I was excited to learn every troop was being created a free account, and was encouraging the Advancement Chair of all the benefits, over their current software, Troopmaster. They decided to stick with Troopmaster.

3 years have passed by, and I, as a parent, have been recording my son’s completions in SB. I dated each completion part, marked when it was completed (or it was automatic) and marked when he received his badge.

The other 5 scouts that moved up with him from the pack, had the same item marked, by BSA Admin. In turn, their documentation was entered into Troopmaster,and then the file was uploaded, IA1.0 at the time, and I can see in Scoutbook, as I still have a connection to them, their progress.

It turns here. I am still entering the dates of the activities, letting the system automatically mark it completed. When he is awarded, I mark it awarded. The other 5 are all at the same level, working on First Class, but their SB data still shows they are working on Tenderfoot.

So I am guessing that the data from Troopmaster is not getting into IA.

Another example, one of my son’s cousins is in the troop as well, and he was working on Star. I have no connection to him on SB. When I checked his rank under roster, it was Scout.

Any ideas?

Do you know that the troop is definitely entering advancement into IA via the upload from TM? Do they have the correct bsa member numbers in TM? Are you seeing the correct bsa member numbers in SB?

you know that the troop is definitely entering advancement into IA via the upload from TM? Do they have the correct bsa member numbers in TM? Are you seeing the correct bsa member numbers in SB?

The current Advancement Chair has been pursuaded to give myself and the current Cubmaster, also a ASM for the troop, access to Troop master, to ensure data is being entered correctly. We have not been given access yet, so I am wondering if he has been really doing it, since SB is not showing any real changes regularly.

The 5, plus my son, are with the correct #s, as we tracked their progress since Wolves or Bears. The other scouts I do not have permission to view as I am not connected with them.

My son’s cousin, like I mentioned, was still listed as a Tenderfoot, while he was working on Star. Months later, it updated his rank.

I also noticed that the merit badges from FROGS and first year at Scout Camp were automatically entered by BSA Admin, but the merit badge colleges since, have not been.

When I get a access to the system, I can do more research.

Items entered by BSA Administrator are those that were entered in IA one way or another.

Regardless of electronic submission to Scoutbook or IA2; in order to purchase awards in my Council, we must submit some sort of printed Advancement Report to the shop. I find it difficult to believe they’re not submitting something.

It’s reasonable to believe your Troop is not using Scoutbook at all (my unit does not). The next question is: are they submitting anything (upload files, etc) to IA2 in order to print the necessary Advancement Report as stated above?

If not, it can only be assumed that the UAC is printing a report directly from TroopMaster. At some point, items are reaching the Council Registrar, who is submitting/verifying at least some of the advancement items. This is why within Scoutbook you are able to see approvals by BSA Administrator.

Keep digging. Ask the process used by the Troop UAC and you’ll soon find the answers you seek.

I would check if the troop is submitting electronic advancement online or paper advancement reports to council.