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I have lots of questions. I am not computer savvy. I don’t know my sons scout ID number or mine, I don’t know how to long into or merge our accounts, I don’t know how or where to find how much he has on his account that he was awarded for popcorn sales. Can someone please help me with all of this.

There are great resources for getting started with Scoutbook. A list of some of them are linked to here: Caution ⚠️ tags on everyone - #15 by CharleyHamilton

but there are tons available at https://help.scoutbook.scouting.org

I would recommend starting there to get an understanding of how Scoutbook works.

Your unit leadership (e.g. den leader, cubmaster or scoutmaster, committee chair) should be able to provide you with your scout’s BSA ID number, and may be able to identify whether or not you already have a parent account in Scoutbook that is connected to your scout.

@ValerieWhitten you can log into my.scouting.org with the same credentials you entered here. You can get your Number by clicking top right > My Profile
You MIGHT be able to get your Scouts by clicking Menu on same page and My Applications.

You can log into scoutbook.scouting.org with the same credentials you used for this log in

Talk to your unit about popcorn.

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