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Mail and text messages not being sent by Scoutbook?

For the last few days, multiple users in our Troop find that sending a message via email or text from Scoutbook doesn’t work. (nothing gets sent)

Is this a known issue? (effects more than just Hotmail acounts)
Does this effect everyone, or just our Troop?

Would appreciate help on this.


We have reports of hotmail and iCloud accounts not receiving e-mail from Scoutbook. I have passed these on to the development team for investigation. Do you know of other domains not receiving Scoutbook e-mail?

@edavignon - there were reports of @me and @hotmail


me.com, mac.com and icloud.com are all iCloud (Apple).

@edavignon - thank you. I was never certain about @me but indeed hotmail has been reported.

custom domain - e.g. engeldinger.com

But what about text messages? That doesn’t seem like a domain-level anti-spam problem.

Looks like two threads should be merged:

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my email @me.com and our Committee Org Rep using @Comcast.net and gmail…com are not receiving any emails! Also tried sending Text Messages to their cell phones and that is not working either! Please help ASAP

Yes, text to cell phones not working for us either.
Separate issue from email domain-specific problems?

Related issue reported here: Messages not being received

So far we have @yahoo.com and @hotmail.com not receiving emails.

Engeldinger.com This domain is hosted by GoDaddy.
Possibly linked to Hotmail email issues?

that is funny I did not get a message - but my sons email through godaddy went through

The problem has been fixed. Messages not received will need to be resent.

Adding to the list of domains not working… @charter.net
Are the domains being fixed one at a time as they are reported? I am concerned that it will be difficult to track them all down.

We have been told the problem has been fixed. Are you still not receiving messages @KarenGeraci?

It wasn’t working when I tried a test message almost an hour ago. But then it came through 35 minutes later, so it seems to be working now. Thank you!

Still having issues. The emails never send from Scoutbook. Just hangs on the “Sending” icon with the spinning wheel and messages don’t leave scoutbook.

Any ideas?

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