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Apple & Comcast email domains not receiving Scoutbook communications

Apple (@me, @icloud) and Comcast (@comcast) email accounts are not receiving Scoutbook communications (event reminders or email communications).
We have a den meeting on the calendar with reminders setup. A reminder was sent today but my wife (den leader) and myself did not receive the reminder email. The other den leader did receive the invite. I tried sending an email directly to my wife and myself via the pack > send message but neither of us receive the message.

The messages are not in the junk folder

I have also tried changing my associated email address to an @comcast.net address and I am not receiving the verification code to make the change. I was able to successfully change the email to an @mccormickcraft.com domain.

@MatthewMcCormick - what is your email provider?

One is an @me.com and the other is an @icloud.com.

I am having the same issue. It at least worked last Monday 10/19 but over the weekend we didn’t receive the reminders. My wife and I didn’t receive copies of the emails I sent direct. I know some did because they responded to the emails.

I am seeing this as well. Not just for reminders, but for messages sent as well. Some recipients are receiving them and some aren’t. It appears they are delivering to Gmail fine, but not to Hotmail.

Same, icloud addresses, me.com, mac.com, icloud.com, etc are not receiving reminders and group blasts.

The problem has been fixed. Messages not received will need to be resent.

Can we have any detail on when the issue started and when it was resolved so we can convey what needs resending? Maybe some sense of the cause as well?

We started receiving reports of mail not being delivered over the weekend. It was resolved at about 4:30 PM Eastern October 26.

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