No longer receiving emails from Scoutbook

I am no longer receiving messages from Scoutbook. My BSA ID is 12393194 and my Scoutbook User ID is 9591397. Messages should be going to my iCloud address.

My daughter is receiving messages just fine, so I know they are going out.

I’ve sent myself a couple of test messages, and those have not come through.


I’m also not receiving emails to my icloud accounts ( or any of the other subdomains, etc).

My husband has a gmail and is receiving them just fine. I tried testing just to me, and no email in junk or in my regular inbox.

I should have mentioned this problem appears to have started between 25 and 31 January. I received messages on the 25th, but didn’t get the message yesterday. I wasn’t expecting any messages between those two dates, and so can’t narrow the time frame any further.


IT is aware of the issue and working on it.

Thank-you Jacob.


Our unit is experiencing the same trouble recently. All adults marked to receive message but only a small percentage actually receive it.

@VirginiaPence-Waddel - known issue and being worked by BSA IT. It is a domain blacklist from what i gather

How/when will we get notice that the issue has been fixed? Thanks

Usually in the change log forum.

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I am also having issues receiving calendar notices from Scoutbook. I have a Comcast email and it started 1/26/23. Hope you get it resolved soon.

@StephenSenger - there is a banner notice on the forums about this issue. It involves a number of email domains that have blocked scoutbook emails as spam

I have an adult leader with a .msn email address who is not receiving emails. FYI.

Thanks Drew, I’ll add it to the list.

Please add to the list too. I also have a K-12 school email that is not receiving messages ( as well. The msn may mean all Microsoft hosted email including hotmail.

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Same issue here with outlook based email

Our Cubmaster is also having trouble from a non-Apple email in the domain.

Just tried now and no one with hotmail or charter email domains is getting them.