Make Adding New Events to Calendar EASIER


Is there any way adding new Events to the Calendar be made easier?

It was difficult before all the changes to add the new links to other Scouting sites, but it is now nearly impossible. A single entry is taking me nearly 2 minutes to complete, and I need to enter nearly 52 events over a season. I just don’t have nearly 2 HOURS in my very busy schedule to enter events. In addition, it is most aggravating to have to reset the Date and Time for each event from 01/01/09 12:00 AM to the date and time of the actual event.

Many of my events are the same meeting (time, place, etc.). Is there any way to have a COPY function. It would make entering these very similar events much easier and lower the opportunity for errors.

Yours in Scouting,
Lorraine Slattery
Leader, Den 3, Pack 840
NCAC, Aquia District

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The Feature Assistant Extension lets you create recurring meetings. Details available here: Feature Assistant - Scouting Forums

The BSA has said they plan to replace the calendar module, so I doubt there will be any significant changes/improvements until that happens.

Is there a projected delivery date on a Calendar replacement?

No, there isn’t one.