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Make Cub Scout and Scouts BSA History Reports available from unit-level interface

Currently, one can only access the Cub Scout History Report and Scouts BSA History Report via the individual scouts’ records. For example:

My Dashboard -> My Units -> Troop Roster -> scout’s name -> Reports -> Scouts BSA History Report.

I’d really love to see the unit-level reporting interface updated to provide tickbox access to generating the Scouts BSA History Report and Cub Scouts History Report for multiple scouts at once. That would be via:

My Dashboard -> My Units -> Troop Reports -> Scouts BSA History Report

and have a similar tickbox interface to what is currently available for the Individual Advancement Record report, available from the Troop Reports interface.

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The Cub Scout history reports are also available from the den page.

Hadn’t noticed that since I’m only associated with a troop now. There might still be utility at the pack level, but being able to pull them for the whole den is better than individual scouts.

I think it would still work best at the unit level for troops, crews and ships, since that eliminates the need to text which scout is in which patrol just to be able to pull the report.

The Scouts BSA and the Cub Scout History Reports were the first two reports done on a newer software platform. Being the first, they took a while, and there were more reports to get done, so the unit-level selections were skipped. The Cub Scout den report was a special case that itself took substantial time. Since then, many more reports and technologies were developed for them that may make this easier now.

I’ll put this on our queue, but it could be at least several months. Roster Builder is next with a new UI similar to the new Report Builder and added selections requested by users.

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