Managing Member IDs

I believe that I have two Member IDs - one from when I was a boy scout and a second as an adult scouter. I was on the “Manage Member ID” page in where I saw both Member IDs and I switched which one was primary to investigate what was associated with that account. When I logged back into scoutbook, now I don’t have access to any of my Pack information in order to process advancements (and everything else). I tried to add the second member ID back but I get an error on the page saying “Failed to persist membership. Reason: #[payload.responseMessage]”.

Two Member IDs

  1. How can I get access to that second member ID so I can work in Scoutbook?
  2. Should these two accounts be merged (and then how to do that)?

looking at this @ScottBellamy

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@ScottBellamy try know please - I think it is fixed

I am totally back & running! Thank you. Is my original ID the only one that I should leverage?

4612259 is primary - I think the other is deleted

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