Merging of scout numbers and access help with scoutbook

I have admin rights for my pack in scoutbook but for some reason it changed to only letting me view only for my scouts. I also noticed I have two Scout numbers for some reason since I registered a second child in scouts. My primary # on scoutbook is 137376931 and should be listed as a leader, Scoutmaster / Den leader. My second # is 12739705.

I will look into this

You are registered as a den leader under
12739705 not

I cleaned up Scoutbook by merging the SB accounts with 12739705, but you should login to click on Menu > Manage Member ID and ADD
12739705 as your PRIMARY member ID

Let me know by direct message if you are still having issues.

You show as an adult Lion partner under: 137376931 (which is not a registered position, it indicates you are a Lion parent.

Also contact your council resistrar and see if they can clean up the duplicate member ID.

In scoutbook i changed the primary to 12739705 but now scoutbook does not show me associated with the pack or access to scouts

I sent you a private message. Click on the green circle with the F in the upper right and the envelope to see it.

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