Multiple Member ID Numbers zzz

Hi! Somehow I have two member ID’s. The choose primary account tool is not fixing my issues.

#13267450 (has my training)

How do I fix this?


Those were not both your Member IDs but I did find the duplicate.

I have merged your Scoutbook IDs and added your primary ID to your account that is not your e-mail address. I will request that your ID that is your e-mail address be retired.

Use your ID that is not your e-mail address to log in to Scoutbook.

Thank you so much! Just to clarify: you kept the member ID 13267450? This is the number the scout office said had my YPT and badge mentor training.

Is there a way we can fix this on our end? I know of another parent who might have the same issue.

Thanks again!

As long as the number is primary it will receive all the training from any other number associated in Management

I have a leader who got booted off of scout book after recharter and after doing some digging it looks like he has two member ID numbers

I’m guessing this is the issue?
Thank you for the help

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@BrockButz that is fixed

Wow that was fast , which is the primary number now?

Thank you very much!

292 is primary - the user should talk to council - they have at least 3 MIDs in the same council which is VERY odd - council could clean it up some for them

Ok, thanks for the speedy response!

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