September 29, 2022 - Internet Advancement and Rechartering Change Log

Bug Fixes

Issues fixed:

  • Calendar Page: M400 Bad request API error encountered. Unable to create or view existing activities/events.
  • Link to Scouts BSA History Report Page is missing on reports list options
  • Online Rechartering Spins
  • Key 3 Leader cannot edit profile of parents
  • Misc. Recharter issues


  • Unit Selector for expired registrations are displayed
  • Enable the ability for Users to use special characters in First, Middle, and Last Name
  • We now provide a helpful hint when changing primary email
  • Council professionals and admins can view and edit their profiles
  • Misc change messages for initiated manual recharters
  • Created a page for unit treasurers to confirm microdeposits if they do not receive confirmation email from WePay
  • We now provide a how to for 2 linked units that must pay online from the same bank account
  • Added language to recharter educating on the difference between Participant and Youth
  • When ACH payment confirmation fails, now reverts recharter status to Initiated vs. On Hold or Waiting
  • Change Internet Rechartering Start Date for Sam Houston Council to 11/1/2023
  • Hide “Pay at Council” as a payment option for Transatlantic Council
  • Change unit selection tooltip
  • Added a confirmation that shares what happens after recharter
  • Charge people with international address $39.00 for Scout Life
  • Change Validation for Unit has less than 2 paid youths from Warning to Error for validationCategoryUnit and YPT