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Good morning! Our Troop is 85 Scouts and we’re getting ready for our Court of Honor. We like to generate Individual Advancement Reports and send them for update/correction to the Scouts. I have only found that I can generate the report, but still need to run/download them one-by-one in order to email them to each Scout.

Is there a way we can “push” advancement records in Scoutbook to individual Scouts, along with a custom message for what we’d like them to do?

When we used to use Troopmaster we were able to generate something called an “Individual History Report”, or IHR, for any or all Scouts. This would download as a PDF and there was an option to create separate PDF files for each Scout selected. The name of the PDF was a construct of the Scout’s name, for example “SmithJ_IHR.pdf”. This allowed us to run a script that “grabs” that file and attaches it to an email with instructions, which looked like this:

Your Scout advancement as recorded in Troopmaster is attached to this message in a PDF file. Please open the file and review the information carefully.
Pay particular attention to your Current Rank (near the top of the report) and Earned Merit Badges (near the bottom of the report).
At the upcoming Court of Honor, you should expect to be recognized for any advancement you have earned since June 15, 2018 (the date of our last Court of Honor). If you have recently earned any ranks or merit badges and they’re not listed on the report, please let us know (you can also tell us if there’s anything you’d like to add or ask questions about the report).
PLEASE CLICK HERE TO RESPOND: Response to my Troop 98 Advancement Report

You can generate IARs for multiple Scouts at one time by going to the Reports menu from My Dashboard or the Unit page. This puts all the reports for selected Scouts into a single PDF.

Scoutbook is designed for Scouts and parents to log in directly to review and update advancement records. It was never designed to push that information out.

Okay thanks Ed. Do you have a link to a set of instructions that I can email the parents on how to access and generate their own IAR? I imagine it’s been done before?

Here is a start. They really do not need the IAR - they can just look at the Scout

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