Individual Advancement Report for 50 scouts

We are trying to print out Individual Advancement reports for multiple scouts and scoutbook doesn’t allow it. We can print one at a time, but I have about 50 to print. Is there a better way than using scoutbook?

Are you getting an error message? In theory, a Troop Admin should be able to do it:

Troop Reports → Individual Advancement Record

But 50 IAR reports is a lot. Have you tried doing it by patrol?

[Name] Patrol → Patrol Reports

I’ve tried patrol, but it doesn’t select the patrol members. It just gives me a list of the 100 scouts in my troop to select. (It would be nice if the list were pre-selected!)

I’ve tried running different numbers of reports. Sometimes 5 works, sometimes it doesn’t. Sometimes 10 works.

@GoodloeWhite it sounds like you are trying to run the report from IA (if you see scouts with a checkbox to select). I’d strongly encourage that you go into Scoutbook by patrol and try it from under patrol reports in Scoutbook proper. I’ve been able to successfully pull these reports this way for 20+ scouts in the past.

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@GoodloeWhite to clarify, do you mean the Scouts BSA History Report? If not, I would try that one. It’s the more modern, optimized version of the individual record report (found only in the top menu of reports on the dashboard of Scoutbook).

I’ve run the Scouts BSA History report as well from IA. The one report available in scoutbook is denser and typically fits to one page so it provides nice, concise summary. Both are useful.

I wish that running this by patrol in scoutbook would automatically just select those scouts in the patrol. We are actually trying to print reports for patrol leaders so they can better monitor their patrol’s advancement.

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@GoodloeWhite if you run the Scouts BSA History Report from the report menu on the Patrol page, it should only pull the members of the Patrol. I’ve tried it on the Den level and the CS equivalent works this way. If it isn’t behaving in this fashion, from the Patrol page, then let us know. It’d be a bug.

I just tested it. It pulls up a long list of all scouts from the whole unit without any checked. If it were to only pull the patrol, I’d picture it showing all scouts with that patrol selected or only show that patrol with all selected.

Ah, I see. Thanks @Matt.Johnson. It looks like the better report (Scouts BSA History Report) isn’t showing at the Troop and Patrol level menu reports (like it’s CS counterpart). I’ll get this reported to the developers.

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