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Parent Cannot Generate Advancement Report For Scout


I have a parent that is newly linked to their Boy Scout (that was an adventure in and of itself to get them linked), and they can see their Scout and his advancements and achievements now, which is great. However when they click on reports, they get the message “No reports are available” so they cannot get an advancement report or BSA Scouts History report. I have verified that they have full access as a linked Parent/Guardian. Is there something we are missing in the set up or are parents not supposed to have the ability to generate an advancement report?


Is this parent also a registered leader in your or another unit? Have they previously been?

@StevenMcCoole What is the Scout’s BSA member number?

No, they are not a leader now and they have not been in the past.

The scout’s ID is: 135624388


It looks like their parent connection to their Scout needs to be reset. A Troop Admin can do this by:

  1. Go to the Troop Roster page in Scoutbook.
  2. Click on the Scout’s name
  3. Click on a parent’s name
  4. Make sure the Parent / Guardian box is checked.
  5. Click Update.

Then repeat for the other parent.

OK, thanks. I have done that for both. I will have them try again and see if they can generate reports.

Appreciate the assistance!

OK, try having them log out of Scoutbook, then log back in and see if they can run the reports now.

I’ve sent off and e-mail asking them to do that. I’ll report back when I hear from them.


Unfortunately they say that they still cannot generate an an advancement report for their scout.

@StevenMcCoole I have sent you a private message. Please look for the indicator on your avatar in the upper right corner of the forums.

I’d like to hear the resolution on this! We are trying to make use of these features more in our Troop. As the Advancement Chair, I have generated pdfs for Scouts of their Advancement reports - but I was thrilled to know that if we link parents and then the Scouts - they can generate their own advancement report. I want to know that it works! Thank you!


The Advancement Report is the report turned in to the Scout Shop to purchase restricted awards. Parents and Scouts cannot generate their own Advancement Report. They can generate History Reports which list the awards, ranks, etc. the Scout has earned.

Basically they were trying to find out what the scout still had outstanding. They can’t even get connected to their scouts account yet because they don’t have a my.scouting account and are having difficulty creating one.

Unless they are a registered leader, they don’t need to create one. You connect them to the scout and then send the invitation.

We’ve done that but Scoutbook still will not allow them to view their Scout’s information unfortunately. We worked with @JenniferOlinger via PM and were told that the issue seems to be tied to single sign on and my.scouting account information.


There were changes pushed tonight that fix some issues with parent access to their Scouts. I would try again and see if this fixed the problem.

True… I think the issue is the name. So I create a “history report” that Scouts can use to complete their Eagle Application. It has all the dates of the ranks and badges, etc., as submitted to Council. It can be saved as a pdf - which is what I do now for Scouts. But if they are linked to their own account - they reportedly can see their information and generate a report. That’s what I’m looking to resolve.

@SandraFerretti The Eagle application in Scoutbook is pre-filled and an editable pdf. The information in the application just needs to be verified and updated, if needed. Parents should be able to run it, if they have SSO (Single Sign On) set up to link their my.scouting and Scoutbook accounts.

Parents can also run History Reports for various programs (Cub Scout History Report, Scouts BSA History Report, etc.).

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