MB Counselor List missing a just defined counselor

I am confused

Perhaps a Scoutbook expert user can explain what is going on here. I assume it is about listing of MB Counselors at the unit level where a council is not submitting a council-wide list for the Scoutbook MB list. Am I correct the list being generated is a local unit list?

Merit badge counselor


  • " Merit badge counselors are registered and approved on the district level and all applications must be approved by the district merit badge counselor coordinator before the application is entered into the BSA membership system" - Registration Guidebook, 2019, p. 25 .

SB unit list?

  • MB counselors can select how they are listed.
  • The Scoutbook tools do not list a MB counselor if the counselor’s youth protection training has expired.

STEM Nova Award Program v.s. Merit Badge Advancement Program

My understanding is that merit badge counselors, stem nova award counselors and supernova mentor positions are non-unit positions with different qualifying and registration rules.


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