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MB Counselor positions not showing in Scoutbook roster

Can find them via MB Counselor search but cannot see position in roster or in list of positions held.

Merit Badge Counselors are not registered with the unit thus they do not appear on u it rosters after your council uploads the list to Scoutbook.

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scoutbook says my MB counselor is a past position… I am unsure why that is the case…How can I fix this. I tried to add it but it thinks I am applying for the first time. Very confused and stuck on what to do

What does it show in the “past position” under Comments? I’m wondering if your council uploaded their MB counselor list, which would prevent you from adding the position yourself.

It has a start date and an end date about an 8/13/2019. Can’t change or edit

When you try to edit the existing position, are you getting a message to contact your council? If you are, this means the Council has uploaded its MBC list to Scoutbook so only they can change it. You will need to contact them to find out why you are not on their list. Once they add you back to their list and upload the updated list, your MBC position will appear.

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