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When I approve a merit badge in Scoutbook for a Scout who completes a MB with me, my signature shows up on the downloaded blue card. (Well, Scoutbook prints my name in a script-y font, anyways. :grin:) But it doesn’t show my address or my phone number on the blue card. I’ve seen that for other MBCs it does show those. Is there a setting somewhere that I need to enable, such that my contact info is shown on the blue card? Looked but couldn’t find it…

Well the Address only shows on the part of the card for the Unit to keep anyway. I would assume if your address is in SB it would be good? I have never noticed my address on it.

@BurtWagner1 - who really cares and why does it matter

Well it is more of the old written process - so the scout had the contact info of the MBC

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@BurtWagner1 - in the end can you explain to me the long term damaging effects of this horrible issue

My address and phone number are showing up on the blue card (print blue card).

It might be how you are connected to the Scout or how you are signing the blue card (leader vs. MBC).

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Well as leader AND MBC on one, mine does not show?

Sounds like a bug somewhere

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There’s occasionally value to having contact info for a MBC later. Scouts might have heard from the counselor while working on one badge that the counselor also does another badge they want to earn. Similarly, another scout might want to work with the same counselor because the one scout had a good experience. Being able to provide that contact info to the SM to request the counselor for the other badge is helpful. I know it can be hunted down via the connection in Scoutbook, but not every unit leader is equally comfortable with the system.

I tend to agree that, if it works sometimes, it ought to work all of the time. I probably wouldn’t consider it a high-priority bug, but a bug nonetheless.


I just wanted the Scout and/or unit to be able to contact me should there be any question down the line.

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@CharleyHamilton - ok I can accept that but . but… The MBC lists are now more readily available then they had been say ten years ago…

I guess it is also a question of how units are using the feature? Are they producing the Blue Cards and printing them out at time of SM discussion?

What we need REALLY is a spot in SB for MBCs I think - like there is an MBC Section for MBCs - let the Scout log in to see who IS their MBC in SB


@DonovanMcNeil - you know what that is brilliant… the scout should drive every portion of their advancement and here is another spot… this is supposed to be the plan according to some person named Baden-Powell i think… but this is the USA and they are not exactly a scouting program

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Can they not already see the connected counselor when they view the badge itself? I never thought to check that.

True to some extent, but my SM certainly had hardcopies decades ago when I was a scout. Knowing that someone was currently a MBC was certainly more of a challenge, but finding contact info was typically less challenging.

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@CharleyHamilton - but admittedly that was decades ago… that should no longer be the case… if it is then there are broader issues.

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Printing the MBCs address on the Blue Card could be considered a security issue. I can imagine some MBCs only wanting the Scout to have an e-mail address or phone number but not a physical address.

Unless there is a way for the MBC to opt in/out of having the physical address printed, SB should not put it on the Blue Card.

It seems like BSA needs to make a policy decision there. The document has a location for the information. If BSA considers the information protected, for which I can see an argument, it probably shouldn’t be included as a blank on the blue card at all. After all, if it’s permissible to be not provided in some cases, it obviously isn’t necessary. If it’s not necessary, it probably shouldn’t be included.

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The MBC providing the address to the Scout so the Scout can write it on the Blue Card is different than Scoutbook printing it on every Blue Card.

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