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MBC signature missing on blue cards

I have a bunch of blue cards here, about half of which are missing the MBC signature. I have tried to figure out patterns for why some do and do not have signatures on them but absolutely cannot.
All MBCs are from within our Troop.
All MB’s had appropriately assigned MBCs.
All MBCs marked their MB’s as Closed.
The Leader Approved was the SM.
Even the SM, when assigned as the MBC, doesn’t always have his signature on both lines.
Every MBC is affected who Closed a MB.
The same MBs (e.g. Citizenship in the World) will have the signature and sometimes they won’t (same MBC or different MBC). Same date Closed in system.
One MBC has a signature on 1 out of 5 cards.
I can track these people down and get their physical signature before handing the cards out, but given our current situation – and how the system is supposed to work – I’d rather not be out there doing that. Our COH’s are online for a reason.

The MBC’s signature will appear on the Blue Card when the final completion is Counselor Approved. Only the MBC can see and set the Counselor Approved check box.

What am I missing? I thought that’s what I conveyed? They Closed it, therefore they Approved it, yes? All of these look identical to me when I look at them in SB – the audit trail. If I’m misunderstanding my apologies.

Not necessarily. They can put in a Completion Date without setting the Counselor Approved check box. If the MB completion is Counselor Approved it will say so in the audit area. Click on one of the MBs where you are not seeing the MBC’s signature printed on the Blue Card. Below is one of my daughter’s that Is marked Counselor Approved followed by one that was finished and I have a signed Blue Card but the MBC does not use Scoutbook. Both are valid entries.


ooooohhhhhh. So I’ve been looking and each has 4 lines in the Audit trail, but the Assigned Counselor position will switch over to counselor approved. I KNEW I was missing something.
But apparently so are my MBCs. Since I am not one, and this is one of the few screens I cannot duplicate, where should they be clicking on this box? Because clearly sometimes they are and sometimes they aren’t, literally in the same session (when closing out a single MB for two different scouts on the same date/time).


That’s a pretty subtle change.

This is the completion pop-up for one of the MB’s I counsel. Most MBCs will not see the Leader Approved or Awarded check box. Since this is for a Scout in my troop, I have all 3.

If the MBC uses Quick Entry for MB Counselors → Sign Completed MB the Counselor Approved status is set automatically.
image image

Thank you thank you! I will forward this to them ASAP

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