MBC Can't Login via Apple Mac

Good morning. I have an MBC here that is having problems with Scoutbook. He can’t login on his Apple Mac. I helped him get his passwords all updated and sync’d to my.scouting. He can log in from my PC and from other PCs. But when he tries to log in from his personal MAC, he enters his credentials at the login screen but the “Login” button stays greyed out/inactive and it can’t be clicked to log in. Any suggestions?


@JonathanKing1 user is not entering it correctly or is relying on a keychain that is wrong - this is a watch the user situation

Thanks. I sat there with him and watched him enter everything on the scoutbook login page the exact same as the my.scouting page. He logged into my.scouting without issue but the “login” button stayed grey on his scoutbook.

If it was grey he needed to do the reCAPTCHA

Thanks. I will try to work with him again. I’m not really tech/PC savvy but seem to manage. Mac just seems different. I will try this suggestion with him and try to get screen shots next time.

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