MBC connection and access for Crew members, including over 18


I am remote counseling an MB for a Crew and have 2 issues.

#1 I have 2 brothers connected to me as an MBC for the MB. One shows to me in a Troop and I can see his MB that we are working on with the completed requirements signed off, but his brother who shows to me as in a Crew I am able to enter MB requirements through Quick Entry but not see the MB in advancement or anywhere else. I have been granted full control to the second Scout in the Crew and only an MBC connection to the first in the Troop.

#2 There is an 18yo Scout in the Crew who is not able to be connected to me as am MBC. The Scout is Female, which I doubt would make a difference.

Any ideas? I can work around the first issue by just entering everything for both at once, and can just send a blue card at the end on the second one, but would like to use the features as designed.

Thank You!


For #1, under My Dahsboard → Administration do you have a My Merit Badge Counseling section? It should have an Edit Merit Badges for MB Counselors link. Do you not see the one brother there?

For #2, did the Scout earn First Class in a troop? Only members of a Crew that earned First Class while a member of a troop can work on Merit Badges.


First, thank you for everything you do!

I see only the brother showing in the Troop under the Edit Merit Badges link. Both brothers show up in the quick entry section. Under My Connections i see the brother in the Troop with View Profile and Approve Automotive Maintenance MB, and the other brother shows with all the pieces of a full connection plus the MB. An interesting note is the brother in the crew does not have a unit showing in My Connections, but I can click and view his profile and the crew he is in. I just notices the lack of the green check mark, so I will have the membership approval verified.

I will check on the older Scout.

Thanks again!

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