MBC cannot link to one Scout, already linked to his brother

I have two sons, both in a certain Troop. They’ve been working with a certain counselor, also a leader in that Troop, on the Personal Management badge. I tried to add her as an MB Connection to both of them, so she can sign off requirements that way, several months ago. She was able to accept the connection to one, but the other still shows “pending” for me and when she tries to look at his record she can see his first name and last initial on the troop roster, nothing else.

Their BSA member IDs are (beginning with the oldest),


When the counselor tries to add the younger Scout by member ID and last name, she gets the “Whoops! We encountered an error trying to process your request” screen.

It does not look like the connection to Virginia is set to MBC properly. I would end all connections - wait a minute - then try again to reset it

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