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I have scouts who are attending virtual merit badge classes and when I look up the counselor, they don’t show up. I used the widest search parameters possible, i.e. outside council, any distance, any availability, etc. I called the council office which was hosting the merit badges and their response was she was on camp staff. I know the GTA ( has special provisions for camp, particularly with regard to those under 18. I don’t know the MBC’s age but was wondering if the provision also applies to virtual counselors under the supervision of a registered MBC.

MBCs can hide themself from searches in SB - so you cannot see all MBCs


There could be several reasons an MBC does not appear in the MB Counselor Search list:

  1. The MBC has chosen not to be listed.
  2. The MBC has chosen to restrict the area of search to unit, district or council and your unit does not fall into that area.
  3. The MBC’s youth protection training has lapsed when you do the search.

Where are you searching for the MBC? From the MBC List on the troop page or the scout’s connection page?

From the connection page, you need to check the include MBC only box.


If an MBC hides themselves, how can the SM/Advancement chair verify that an MBC is registered? This particular counselor is hosting virtual merit badge sessions.

@JohnLowen You should be able to find them if you go through:

[Scout]'s Connections

Make sure you check the include MBC only box, as Jacob suguested.

@JenniferOlinger I just did that and unless I’m doing something wrong, I can’t find them. I try to add a connection and use the MBC’s name, city, and state. I don’t have the email or BSA Member ID.

@JohnLowen - what is the website that is hosting the virtual mb sessions


The SM/Advancement chair does not need to verify an MBC is registered.

If a Scout, in good faith, believes the individual is an MBC, then the Scout has earned the MB signed off by that individual. Guide to Advancement section explains this.

If you are concerned someone holding a virtual MB session is not registered, you should take that concern to the Council Advancement Committee.

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@Stephen_Hornak Can I assume that if a council is doing it, the counselor is registered?


I would assume, unless you have reason to believe otherwise, that anyone signing as an MBC is a registered MBC. Remember a Scout is Trustworthy.

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@JohnLowen - and the contact person for the event is the council program specialist, so council staff person.

You need either their email address or member ID along with their name.

I’m not sure that is 100% correct. 7.04.6. states “A Scout who has earned a merit badge from a registered
and approved counselor” states the merit badge counselor must be registered and an approved counselor, so checking the status of the counselor is and should be a concern to the unit.

It’s been my experience the search only looks at counselors within your council unless the counselor outside your council has their listing preference set to worldwide and you’ve selected any distance as the search radius.

@DavidAstle If you go to a [Scout]'s Connections page in Scoutbook, you should be able to find the MBC. It does not consider the MBC’s listing preference.

The MBC’s listing preference is used in the MB Counselor Search function.

Yes, I would absolutely assume that any MB College or Jamboree run by a troop or especially by a Council is using registered MBC that are verified by their local council. I host our troop’s MB Jamborees and I have the job of verifying MBC and scheduling MB sessions. In my experience, most out-of-council or online events will not connect with the scout in SB via their BSA ID.

Most will issue PDF blue cards with the MBC, MB name, scout’s name & BSA ID (assuming it is provided at registration). If it’s complete, the scout then turns it in to their troop’s Advancement chair to update in Scoutbook. If it’s incomplete, then the scout would complete outstanding requirements and connect back with the hosting MBC when complete, get the completed blue card, and then submit to their own troop.

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