MBC role grayed out, unable to add MBC

For Scout 135070598, I can search for MBC but unable to grant access.

Usually that means Scoutbook doesn’t believe the individual is registered as a MBC. Potentially, they are not an MBC for any badges the scout has “started” in Scoutbook, but I think that looks slightly different.

If they show up in the MBC list when searched from the troop Scoutbook page, it could be a bug.

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@MaiTran - I would do a search for MBC to see if that person shows up in the list for that merit badge.

Thank you.
I did a search and the name was not listed.

That means that the individual is not listed as a MBC, at least not in Scoutbook. That could mean the individual has never been registered as a MBC, their registration may have lapsed, or there may be some glitch in their registration. The best way for that to get resolved is for the adult to reach out to the council to see what’s going on with their MBC registration.

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MBCs also will not appear in the MBC Search if their Youth Protection training has expired.


Ed, is it correct that a MBC who is already connected to the scout for a different MB will not show up in the search?


You are correct. If an MBC is already connected to a Scout for a MB that MBC will not appear in the search results.

Could someone help check if it’s something with my account? As Troop Admin, I’m no longer able to Invite Counselor for any Scout. I had to update a few more, but the MBC role is not selected, even before Search.

Thank you

It is more the MBCs account probably @MaiTran - post their BSA #

Scout 137409461
Trying to add MBC 12059669 for hiking mb

@MaiTran You are already an MBC for the Scout - go to the connection and add the merit badge

@DonovanMcNeil , Yes I can do that, but I used to be able to go thru the Invite Counselor.

Could you help for Scout 135070598
Add MBC 12534936 for personal fitness?


Invite Counselor has never worked if the Scout if the MBC is already connected to the Scout for another badge.

We do not have the ability to connect MBCs to Scouts.

@MaiTran Are you able to go to the Scout’s Connections page and add the merit badge counselor there? I think the MBC is already connected.

@JenniferOlinger - thank you, that works!

Also (and I know this particular issue is already solved, but it’s worth pointing out…) not all Council and District Advancement personnel are necessarily comfortable working with Scoutbook. The “official” Michigan Crossroads Council list of merit badges I can counsel is not the same as the list that’s in Scoutbook, even after they renewed all the MBC registrations this year.

So, I keep a copy of the email from the District Advancement Chair showing which MBs I can counsel, and continue to work with blue cards for the two MBs that haven’t been updated.

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