MB Counselor signature not showing on printed blue cards

Good morning,
The MB counselor field on the printed blue cards shows as blank, even when the MBC has marked the blue card as completed in Scoutbook. Both the “Show MBC Signature” and “Show Unit Leader Signature” Toggle are set to ON.

We’re making an effort to have MBCs complete the card in Scoutbook, but the hard copy printing leaves them out, so it appears in consistent. Can this be fixed, is there a workaround?

Sample: Scout ID: 132003107 MB: Cit in Society

PS found a post from 2019 that implied the MBC only shows on printed blue card if the leader approved is not also signed and then drops off once leader approved is signed. There was no reply. Tested this and the MBC signature did not show up even before Leader Approved is marked.

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