Mbcdetails.csv file

Column J shows council until an individual counselor changes their setting to either district(s) or unit(s). Many of our counselors (council 082) have a district listed in column I when the listing preference shows council. A lot of them, however, have no district listed with the listing preference of council. We posed the question in a JIRA as to how to get a district in column I for each of our counselors. The response to the JIRA was “The requested report is available to authorized council folks in my.scouting.org in the council roster tool under reports.” That really isn’t the answer to the question asked. What is the difference between a counselor’s data in whatever data base is used for the mbcdetails.csv file that would have a district listed for some and not for others?

I suspect you are seeing remnants from the old MBC processes. The District and Unit columns are supposed to be blank if the MBC has Listing Preference set to Council, Worldwide or Not Listed. These columns are to indicate the District(s) or Unit(s) the MBC has selected when the listing preference is set to District or Unit.

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