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Member comments on events should include link to event

When comments are posted on events, a link to that event should appear in the email announcement of that comment.

That could be useful, so you can hop directly the to event.

It would be good if the message at least indicated which calendar the event is located in. The embedded link could obviate that need to some extent, assuming you wanted to actually visit the event, rather than just act on the information in the comment.

For example, we had a number of patrol meetings scheduled last week, and not all of the events had the patrol name in the event name. It made sorting out what comment was related to which meeting a bit complex. Routing the notices to the relevant person (since several of the meetings were calendared by me, so I got the notices) was more difficult without the calendar name.

Isn’t the calendar in the email’s subject line?

All I see is the troop name and the name of the event. The event I was looking at is on the patrol calendar, so it seems like it would need to show the calendar name for both.

Charley Hamilton Commented on Troop 750 B’s event Axe Patrol Meeting - COH Prep and TBD occuring on Jul 13, 2020 from 7:00PM till 8:00PM (UTC-08:00) Pacific Time

Comment: This is a test comment.

The event name is “Axe Patrol Meeting - COH Prep and TBD”, and it’s on the patrol calendar, rather than the unit calendar. It seems like it should say:

Charley Hamilton Commented on Troop 750 B Axe Patrol’s event Axe Patrol Meeting - COH Prep and TBD occuring on Jul 13, 2020 from 7:00PM till 8:00PM (UTC-08:00) Pacific Time

assuming the form of < UNIT NAME > < SUBUNIT CALENDAR NAME, WHERE APPLIES > event < EVENT NAME >

ETA: The subject line is essentially the same:

Troop 750 B : Axe Patrol Meeting - COH Prep and TBD Member Comment

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Thanks for the clarification.

So does the fact that I posted this request mean that it’s entered into a feature request database somewhere, or do I need to keep poking until I get an official response?

It’s not automatic. It’s on my list to add to the backlog (or check of it’s already there) the next time I’m on a computer with access… if someone else doesn’t beat me to it.