Member in Internet Advancement Roster/Scoutbook, but not in Recharter

Member ID 134212451 is in the Internet Advancement and Scoutbook rosters, but is not in the Recharter. Member transferred to Unit on 11/15/2021. Have clicked “Refresh Roster” several times, but the issue persists.

Member ID of user experiencing issue: 12441784

Does the member show up in your unit in my.scouting?

@Matt.Johnson - I actually have the same thing… two new cubs in scoutbook and IA but not in the recharter.

I imagine cause it is so new - asking your council to reset the recharter MIGHT solve it

Yes, the member appears on my.scouting roster.

I will ask council to reset if I absolutely have to, but would like to see if another solution is possible as the recharter is almost complete.

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and the scout is so new to unit also

We’ve had this happen for recent transfer. They were showing and incorrectly having $0 fees. Now they aren’t showing at all.

I believe I resolved my issue regarding transfers not appearing on the recharter.


  • Manage Members > Add New Member > Existing Member
  • Enter the member’s information and click the “Add Member” button. Member will be added, but as a multiple with $0 fee (which makes me think they are on another unit’s recharter)
  • Select checkbox next to member > Manage Members > Unmark As Multiple
  • Fees now correctly display.

@BrendaWashington Thanks for this suggestion! It worked for my issue as well with new scouts who are already registered, paid, in my roster but not showing up in my recharter roster.

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