Scout in Internet Advancement roster, but not My.Scouting roster or Recharter roster

I have a Cub Scout who is showing up in my Internet Advancement “main” Roster, but not in the “My.Scouting” Roster or the Recharter Roster. This scout has transferred to another Pack within our Council (NCAC). Given that the Scout is no longer with our Pack, I would like to 1) transfer him to his new Pack in My.Scouting, and 2) remove him from my recharter in the Recharter module. Since he’s not showing up in My.Scouting or Recharter, I can’t do either - but I’m concerned that we’ll have to pay for him as part of Recharter if he’s still sitting on our Scoutbook/IA Roster.

I currently have him in an Inactive Den on Scoutbook - but other Scouts in that Inactive Den are still showing up in the Recharter module so that doesn’t seem to be the problem.

I am the Committee Chair for my Pack.

If he is not in the my.scouting roster and not in your recharter, then he is no longer in your unit, and you won’t have to pay for him at recharter. Go to Scoutbook and click on membership and end his membership. That will take him out of IA/Scoutbook.

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That did the trick - thank you very much!

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