Membership Auto-Renewal Family/Self Pay Question

When the new “auto-renewal membership” rolled out, the few documents on the topic that were made available explained that for family/self pay, an email would be sent to the member 60 days prior to their membership expiration date. Our unit is enrolled in this family/self renewal option and I have double checked that we didnt somehow switch to unit pay. Many families in our unit have 7/31/24 expiration dates and have not received any emails regarding their renewal. We have searched in spam inboxes to be sure it didnt get overlooked and we have found nothing related to the expiring membership.

Is this feature not active yet? Is there a step the unit is supposed to take to initiate the email notifications?

Since this relates to membership renewals, rather than the advancement software (Scoutbook & Scoutbook Plus), I suspect contacting your council to sort out what’s going on can help. I understand that there are things the council can set/look at on their side regarding memberships that aren’t available to the volunteers who support the software here.

Your best bet is likely reaching out to your council registrar.

The email in SB is not necessarily the email for membership. If you force save in SB+ it should update, but it is also dependent on the parents being connected in membership to the Scout - they can only see that at under My Applications. Units have no visibility to that

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