Unit not getting renewal reminder emails

No unit Key 3 leaders or their delegate or any parents in Pack 3506 in Sagamore Council have received any of the emails we were told we would get under the new member renewal process. We have 5 Cub Scouts and 1 leader that expire on 7/31/24. We all should have gotten the 60-day and 30-day notices by now. What is wrong? Please do not tell me that people need to go look themselves in my.scouting.org. We have been told multiple times, as recently as last Sunday at the National Commissioners Confab that 5 email reminders will be sent to scout families and unit Key 3 leaders before someone expires.

@MarieHarvath - please contact your council about that as they can work with National on the issue.

I will do that - but I have seen multiple posts in the forum about this - so National needs to take action. You are not delivering on what you promised us.

@MarieHarvath - the issue is that the team responsible for the my.scouting.org processes are not on the forums. This is volunteer run.

That being the case, I don’t know why National included the following on the website page about Unit and Membership Renewal. The forum is not much of a helpdesk if no one there is on the team that can investigate problem reports and fix things.

Use these resources to help your unit’s renewal. You can also visit the [Internet Recharter Responses to Forum-Related Questions/Discussions] helpdesk for additional questions and timely assistance.

@MarieHarvath - the issue is that this (the forums) are not the helpdesk. The councils can enter tickets with the membercare team at National

The forums are useful for how to questions on the renewal process if others have encountered the same situation, but there is no path for bug reports to get from the forums to that IT team.

Note we do have a path to the developers in the forums for Scoutbook/Internet Advancement bugs.


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