Membership Signup Hung on DOB and gender

I’m on Edge on an iPhone 12. I’m trying to do the online application and it won’t allow me to enter anything into the DOB and gender.

I haven’t yet tried another browser or deleted cache, so I’m open to that being the issue, but I wanted to let you know about it in case you’ve heard about it from others.

Here’s the video…

I took a video of it. It doesn’t show where/when I click on those sanctions, but it tries it multiple times. I hit NEXT to try to reset it and that didn’t work either.

I was trying to figure out how somebody has a second Cub.

@DavidO at the beginning did you sign in with your Scoutbook/my.scouting username? It does not look like you did

No. I was trying to see what it would be like for a new parent.

Didn’t you have to create the account first? I thought those fields should already filled in.

I am off of the screen now, but my assumption is that it was creating the account with that information.