Online Application Not working for parent

Good morning,
I have a parent trying to register a youth but cannot get past the DOB. It states “date is not valid”.
She has completed application for another scout without issues.

She has tried multiple devices.

Is this for pack or Troop? what is youths age?

Wolf age so 7-9.

Have you seen the failure or is just parent reporting? If the second I would watch over their shoulder.

It is the second.
Thank you.

I think Year has to be 4 digits

Good morning,

The field is actually grayed out so I am unable to enter anything.

per parent

My suspicion is they entered their info somewhere where they should have entered their child’s or vice versa.


She states:
No problem! I’m at work today so sorry for the late reply. The issue is when I am entering my information. Thanks for your help!

@CraigStachewicz if she already has signed up one scout online, she should have a username and password to use for her account.