Still waiting for scout access portal

So this was my original message.

I have a scout whose dad created an account in scoutbook instead of inviting him. I need it gone. Sb id is 13006291. Can someone please delete it?

We thought this was fixed. DOB is correct and everything. Tonight at the scout meeting we could not find the place to invite the scout on the parents profile. I checked the edit extended information section it says go to edit profile and we did. There is no place to do so. We checked the instructions twice. Checked under edit scout address and phone number and email section. There is nothing. Checked to see if I could send the scout with parents an email. The scout doesn’t even appear in the message section. Which tells me that he has no account.

Scoutbook user id 1763293
Scouts BSA Member ID:

Help please…

@BenjaminWard This was fixed.

The Scout already has a username. He has Apple log in turned on, so he needs to log in to Scoutbook with the “Sign in with Apple” button, his Apple name, and his Apple password.

After the Scout logs in to Scoutbook, he should show up on the Messaging list.

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Thanks to both you and Ben. I was able to get the scout logged in tonight. Didn’t realize the connection had been made with the fix last week.

Thanks again!


Thank you everyone for your help.

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