Membership-transfer features need to be removed

(I am considering this a bug because Scoutbook’s UI implies that something can work that cannot.)

I am not clear why membership-transfer functionality is available to unit-level leaders in Scoutbook. Since Scoutbook is not the system-of-record for membership, having this functionality available to unit-level leaders in Scoutbook implies to users that it has some meaningful effect, when it does not.

This may encourage leaders to miss necessary steps for membership changes that must happen under the chartered-organization system: a volunteer leader appointed by the CO must approve all new youth members.

This just happened to us. We had two Scouts transferred in from another unit. The other unit transferred the members with Scoutbook. That caused confusion, and long story short, we’re having to fall back to paper forms.

Requested fix to this bug: Prevent unit-level leaders from being able to switch Scouts’ units in Scoutbook.

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@ArenCambre if you had clicked on In-Council Transfer before posting you would see it takes the leader to which has the actual membership accounts in it. This is not a bug and is functioning as intended.

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@ArenCambre - i have used the transfer feature without issue since implemented

I may not have made my point well.

I am aware of the transfer functionality in the Roster feature at It is fine. The issue is that functionality is present in Scoutbook that both:

  1. Suggests it serves the same function as the membership-transfer functionality in when it actually does not.
  2. When used, appears to cause a transfer to happen but does not.

If you are familiar with BSA’s back-end systems or understand Scoutbook’s history, you’ll understand the situation. I am not speaking on behalf of such people. I am speaking on behalf of everyone else, inclduing those who, just this week, inadvertently “transferred” Scouts to my unit using Scoutbook.

@ArenCambre - are you referring to the membership section for the scout in scoutbook

If you are talking about adding a scout to a unit by adding it to their membership that only adds them for sixty days. This functionality is important in areas where paper application s are the norm and council action takes a while.

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We have a helps for transferring here:

I wold vote for not a bug but a process less understood apparently

This is referring to something different: Choice of the correct electronic tool for getting the job done.

The “job” is transferring an existing Scout between units. Scoutbook has functionality that, to a casual user, looks like it can help with this. In fact, it cannot. If you wish to transfer a Scout electronically, you must use the Roster tool in

I cannot think of a reason why someone would need to pseudo-transfer a Scout by editing a Scout’s membership in Scoutbook. That said, if I am missing something and the functinality is needed, then a clear warning needs to be shown to the user to assure it’s understood that other steps are required to make the transfer happen.

I am suggesting a UI bug because the UI should guide users towards proper outcomes. In this case, the UI isn’t making it clear that editing one’s membership in Scoutbook does not cause a membership transfer. It just temporarily allows another unit to see the Scout’s Scoutbook record.

@ArenCambre - gather you are not following what Ron has pointed out… there are some councils and or Charter Orgs that do not utilize electronic transfer. The manual transfer allows the scout to be part of the new unit until the paper app is processed. In my council you can transfer a youth but for adults it is a manual app process as required by law.

Things in the BSA are not as universal as you are assuming.

I think adjusting the text on the page would probably address this. Let me see what can be done.

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One other note is that the scouts who are not registered in your unit but on your scoutbook roster should have a yellow triangle by their name.

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