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NEW! Transferring a Scout Between Units (SB)

Scouts when registered in your unit will automatically come into your unit in Scoutbook. If you would like to bring them over from another unit that uses Scoutbook, you can use the Transfer Tool. This tool will bring over all their Scoutbook history from their previous unit.

NOTE: This transfer tool would have to be used BEFORE the Member Update brings the Scout automatically into your unit after registration. If you Transfer a Scout First, then Member Update will just Update the Scout’s BSA #

NOTE 2: The Transfer Tool does not register Scouts in your unit, Scouts still need to submit applications to your council to register.

From the unit Roster page, click on the Transfer In Scout button:

You will be prompted for
BSA Member Number:
Last Name:
Zip Code: (This is the one for the Scout’s old address (the address in Scoutbook).
And if you wish to place the Scout into a Den or Patrol

Then click Search

If Scoutbook finds the Scout, you will be asked to confirm and if you wish to remove the Scout from the previous unit or leave them there. (Scouts moving from a Pack to a Troop will always be removed in Scoutbook from the Pack.)
Then click Confirm

The Scout will then be moved into your unit. All their Scoutbook history will be there.

NOTE: If the Scout has already been registered into your unit and appears with a new member ID. Send an email to scoutbook.support@scouting.org asking for the member ID removed from the record automatically added and placed on the one you moved over with all the Scout’s history. Ask them to retire the unwanted record.

ref: https://help.scoutbook.com/knowledge-base/transferring-a-scout-between-units-sb/


I transferred Scouts and checked the box to remove from the other unit, but the Scout is still in the other unit, and I can see all his connected leaders from the previous unit (Their PII as it happens - name/address/email/phone# - and I’m guessing they can all now see MY PII). Shouldn’t those connections break when a Scout is “removed” from a unit?

Admin connections do not break as a matter of security

One of the boys has 6 connections retained from the previous unit, and all say “Adult Leader”. I am able to edit all of their connections to remove the connection. Is that correct behavior?

If the Scout’s membership in the previous unit has ended, you can break the connections to its leaders.

What is the security benefit to leaving adult leaders from an ended membership connected to a Scout? That seems counter-intuitive to me.

I tried this, and you have to select a Den to place the Scout in or you get an error message. Whenever I try to select a Den though, the list pops up for split second and then the whole screen goes black. I tried different browsers and different computers and mobile, and they all behave the same.

Are you a Pack admin for your pack?

If so, try the following and report if it resolves the issue:
In Scoutbook, go to My Dashboard -> My Units -> Roster, then click on your name. Once you’re there, click on your position, then click the big red Update button. If you are separately listed as a Admin, do the same thing there. This will reset your connections in Scoutbook.

I am a Pack admin. I updated my positions as described but it didn’t fix the problem.

@ChrisSzymendera this works fine for me - do you have some top of pop up blocker perhaps

I disabled pop-up blocking and no change

Try a different browser, if it works on a different browser, either you have pop up blockers engaged or you may need to clear your browser’s cache.

I’ve tried Chrome, Edge, Firefox, and Safari across 3 laptops and my phone. I disabled pop-ups and cleared the cache on all. The behavior is still the same in every case - the list of Dens pops up for a split second and then the whole screen goes black. It comes back to a blank form when I refresh the page.

Are you trying to transfer a Scout from a different pack in your council or from another council?

I doubt that the Council matters in this case because I can’t get to a point where the data is even submitted. Regardless of where I am in the process of filling out the form, once I click the Den list the screen goes black. It doesn’t matter if the rest of the form is filled out or is still blank. I’ve tried not selecting a Den but when I submit I get an error message saying that I have to select a Den.

If you are willing to do a screen share so we can identify the issue, please send your contact information to me at SUACInformation@gmail.com

are the dens approved? go to a den and click edit den and see if there is an APPROVE DEN tab

Are you a pack admin? Is your admin roll approved?

Good news! I was able to reproduce the bug with another pack and have reported it to developers. Keep an eye on the Scoutbook Change Log it will be reported there when it is fixed.

@ChrisSzymendera the issue is the number of dens - if it is taller than the height of the view screen it fails. So decrease you text size as an initial test