Merge 2 BSA ID - Request

We have a scout who dropped out of Cub Scouts, and then rejoined as a Scouts BSA three years later.

The Scout now has two BSA IDs.

The scout’s initials are OK
The old BSA ID (which should have all of his Cub Scouts activities) is 135073499.
The new BSA ID is 13662047

We’d like to have them both linked so the scout has access to all of their past advancement as well.

Can you assist please?

Green Mountain Council 0592 - Troop 624

Thank you

@WilliamKett I can merge the Scoutbook accounts (userIDs), but the Scout is not currently registered.

He also only has one BSA member ID number:


Correction: The Scout has a second BSA member ID number, but it is in council 000 and has no registrations.

Thank you

I will have them check the account to see if it merged their previous scoutbook activity

@WilliamKett The Scout’s DOB was different by 3 days, so I would recommend having the parents double check that.

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