Merge Two BSA ID Request

A scout has two BSA ID’s
14595679 and 140242229

Two Parents but each parent is over only one of the two BSA ID’s. Can you merge the two together for the scout and then ensure that both parents are set as parents please. Parent BSA ID’s - 140342176 and 14595661

Thank you

I am also having an issue where a parent is trying to add a scout as a multiple membership but their scout does not show up in the list to add them to another unit.

Adult is 131814462 and should be in Green Mountain Council 0592 - T611
Scout is 14090260 (Previous BSA ID) / 131814461 and scout should be in Green Mountain Council 0592 - T611

Thank you

@WilliamKett the transfer is not that Simple - the Parent MID is CAC so that registrar would have to connect the parent to the old scout number - they have no access to your council - or the mother would need to make a new account at my.scouting so she got a new BSA # (MID)

@WilliamKett this is fixed - parents need to check DOB as they had different one on applications

So that transfer was supposedly done like 3 years ago.

The scout was also transferred too…

DK never added new MID to her account - I just did and made it primary so she should see under my applications (might take like 12 hours not sure)

Thank you very much for the help

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