Merge account and roles in Scoutbook

Requesting help with duplicate account information. IDs are merged in, but it will not function with the correct account selected as primary.

BSA: 132573625 (this is the account that should remain)
SB: 11738465
Missing unit position information.
I can set it back to primary when the other issues are resolved.

BSA: 135828153
SB: 7320713
Has correct unit position information and Scoutbook functions.
Currently set to primary so I can perform some emergency advancement functions.

Thanks for your help.

@RichardObert what User name the one with ***22 or the one with no numbers?

The username with no numbers should be the primary account.
The primary council should be SDIC. It should also be linked as parent to:
BSA ID: 131603619 - SDIC
SB: 9287771
BSA ID: 135828152 - LBAC created?
^Note these accounts should also be merged together, but not with mine. These are my son’s, it appears there was a duplicate created for him. In SB our names look identical. The SDIC should be the primary.
It appears LBAC may have created the duplicates when he joined an explorer post there.

SB ID: 2972596
BSA ID: 131603621

If I need to add the parent links, I can try to do that myself once my account is fixed.


Well I fixed yours - your son is more complex - is he only registered in SDIC now?

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