Merge accounts AND finding already created parents?

First off, please merge 14892487 and 14892491.

Second, when we need to add a parent (in ScoutBook only, not full BSA registration) with two scouts, it would seem that you would create the parent via a connection with one Scout, then connect to the other Scout via the search function. However, the search has never worked for me. Not once has it found a result, so I’m left with creating the same parent again and requesting the merge.

When I search for a parent to connect them with their second Scout, SB tells me “To searh [sic] for a user Name is required and any two of BSA Member ID or Email or City and State.”

I didn’t tell SB their city or state when I created them the first time, so that understandably is no help in the search. However, when I searched for the adult listed above, I tried last name only, full name lower case, full name sentence case with email and BSA ID (as listed above) and get, “No record found that satisfies the search criteria.”

Any suggestions to avoid duplication every time?

The non-scouter search isn’t working at the moment. There’s a post here with some suggestions for working around the issue: Parent not appearing in connection search - #2 by DonovanMcNeil

ETA: In principle, the parent who is on the application should already have an account if they registered using the online application (as opposed to paper). They just log in to Scoutbook with that username/password combo and they should be able to connect to their scout as a parent.

Thank you. Dad did the application - he’s in there. Mom wanted a login and that created the problem. Hopefully parent search gets fixed.

Can the two accounts be merged then?

@BrianCarter2 that is fixed - User needs to us username to log in - NOT Email

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